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supervisor today introduced a ballot measure to place a tax on sugar drinks. supervisor scott weiner plan would tax all sugar benches at 2 cents an ounce with cost of can of soda 12 ounce can go up 24 cents. it would wrist an estimated 31 million dollars a year for health and nutrition programs in the city. but small business owners say a tax like that could hurt their sales. supervisors approve it it could go on the 2014 ballot one year from now. >> well, nearly half dozen film production from movie to television series have been shot in san francisco this yea year. and one supervisor wants to keep that momentum going. the plan is to boost the city rebate program that provides financial incentive to hollywood. here's of carolyn tyler. >>reporter: san francisco has a film legacy but these days places like new york, new mexico and vancouver offer movie maker big buck and san francisco has to compete. the producer for new hbo series called looking about the lives of 3 gay men. they were shooting today in tiburon. but most of the action is in san francisco and the city financial ince
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1